Urge your election candidates to protect existing animal welfare legislation

Animal Aid are calling on supporters to contact the General Election candidates in their parliamentary constituency, asking them to pledge to protect existing animal welfare laws, including the 44 EU laws pertaining to animal welfare, and to strengthen them wherever possible.

The wording of their suggested letter or email to candidates is as follows:

“I am writing to ask you, as my prospective parliamentary candidate, to
pledge to protect animal welfare legislation should you be elected to

Currently, there are 44 EU laws pertaining to animal welfare, and I am
concerned that with Brexit, some of the directives may be weakened,
while the regulations will simply cease to apply unless the government
legislates for them to remain.

The laws cover many issues, including setting standards on the way
animals are farmed, transported and slaughtered, ensuring eggs from
caged hens are labelled as such, and banning cosmetic testing on
animals. These are important issues, and hard-won protections for
animals are now in danger.

Will you pledge to fight to maintain current animal welfare standards as
a minimum should you be elected? Will you further pledge to strengthen
legislation and protection for animals wherever possible, to include,
for example, making independently monitored CCTV mandatory for all

These issues are important to me, and I will consider seriously all
responses from candidates when I come to vote on June 8th.”

For further details and to send the email to candidates go to https://www.animalaid.org.uk/general-election/

Paul Appleby


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