New eco-veggie cafe in Oxford

As this cafe is run by volunteers, please check that it will definitely be open at the time you wish to visit before venturing out. Updates at Twitter: @TheHogRoastCafe and the Hogroast web site:

To quote from the cafe website (
“The Hog Roast is a vegetarian, eco-friendly café in the beautiful setting of Hogacre Common. In addition to great coffee, we serve delicious soups, sandwiches and more cake than you can shake a stick at. Hogacre Common is a 14-acre eco-park in South Oxford. Less than a mile from the centre of Oxford, the park is a beautiful green space home to many exciting
environmental projects, including bees, an orchard and Oxgrow, a wonderful community garden. The Hog Roast has a strong environmental focus, and we strive to minimise the impact we have on the planet. All the energy we use is from our wind turbine, and by the winter we hope to keep our pavilion toasty warm by burning wood we’ve grown on site. All our food is sourced from local and ethical suppliers, and we are looking at innovative ways of using the waste we produce, including growing gourmet mushrooms in our old coffee grounds. The Hog Roast is staffed entirely by volunteers, and we are always looking for enthusiastic helpers to join our team. If you’d like to donate a couple of hours of your time even just once a month we’d love to have you on board!”
Directions to the cafe and contact details can be found on the website.


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